Other Clinical Staff

There are many other tasks and duties that have a clinical aspect, which need to be performed on a day-to-day basis. Some of these are undertaken by specially trained healthcare assistants, or by other staff.

Their Taking blood, taking blood-pressure, measuring INR checks for anticoagulation (blood thinning), performing ECGs, spirometry, and making many other measurements of patients’ health.

Healthcare Assistants

The HCAs are specially trained to help with clinical tests and investigations, to perform ECGs (heart tracings) and spirometry (which measures lung function), urine tests, blood pressure measurements, and so on.

We also have a specialist HCA who runs a wound-dressing clinic.


The main role of phlebotomist is to take blood samples.

This is a highly responsible post because it requires considerable skill to get blood from a patient’s vein quickly and without too much discomfort. In addition, choosing the correct sample tube, the disposal of needles and other potentially harmful items, and the accurate labelling and packaging of the samples for transport to the laboratory are all necessary.


The Dressings Service is run by a dedicated practitioner whose skills complement those of the Venous Ulcer Service currently being run from Warminster Hospital.

There is a clinic every morning at which, by arrangement, patients with healed venous-ulcer disease and diabetic patients have their wounds assessed and treated.